Monday, July 21, 2008

Blog Candy!!!

Don't know what Blog Candy is? Blog Candy is free stuff from the owner of the blog. Korin has a great blog site that I check out daily and today she is giving away blog candy! If you want to know more, just log onto her site:

Today is Monday, which means that it is blood work day for Momma. I don't have any results though because her doctor is out of town and the doctor filling in for her is in a satellite office today. So maybe tomorrow we will know where she is out as far as her platlets are concerned.

Yesterday was a quiet day around our house. Momma wasn't feeling very good--I think she was missing my dad just like the rest of us :>) ---although she couldn't tell me exactly what hurt. She just felt BLAH. So she took two naps instead of one. I washed her hair, did two loads of laundry, stayed in my PJ's all day and read. I'm reading a book that I received for my birthday called "Rhett Butler's People" and I'm really enjoying it. If you loved Gone with the Wind you will enjoy this look into Rhett and the people in his life that helped make him the way he was.

Jeff and I went to see the "Dark Knight" this past Saturday. We went to the 10:30PM show and it was sold out. You have to see it just for Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker. Everything that people are raving about is true--his performance is awesome. The movie itself I enjoyed until about 3/4 of the way through and then it sort of lost its way for me. I can't say too much because I don't want to give anything away but it is definately a must see.

We have a heat advisory here today--another 100 degree and hotter day. Thank goodness I work indoors!!!!

I hope everyone has a great week---keep smiling :>)

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