Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some Cropping Time...

I ran away last night for a couple of hours and actually finished a couple of layouts. They both are from Christmas of last year. This past Christmas I was really struck by the traditions that families have and those that I have continued or started. This first layout highlights two of my favorite......

The first is my mom and dad's wedding anniversary. They were married on Christmas Eve and when I was young I always gave them a gift certificate for dinner. Once I graduated from college and they started spending the holidays with me up here, I always took them out. This year we went to Bella Millano.

The second tradition I started when we bought our house in 2004. This was the first time that my husband and I put up a tree. That first year, once the tree was completely decorated I turned out all the lights in the house and just enjoyed the lights from the tree. Every year since this has been my tradition. It is usually just me in the house and I found that it is a great time to reflect on the past year and what Christmas really means.

The next layout also has to do with traditions......

About the same time that we moved into our house, our friends the Cheathams started inviting us and my parents over during the holiday. We have dinner, play games and exchange gifts. The Cheathams have four legged children and we always make sure that Santa visits them just as he does us humans. This layout shows their "children" minus one cat.

So that is what I accomplished last night plus three layouts of my Christmas cards. It was a wonderful evening spent with my good friend Becky, an acquaintance and hopefully someday friend Brooke and Mary, the owner of Scrapbook Cafe.

My parents are here today. Mom and I drove to Hillsboro and had our hair done by Melanie. On the way home we stopped at Ice Cream Man for some Fat Elvis (gotta have it) and ended the evening with some Steak N Shake. My dad stayed with Big Momma while we were gone.

Big Momma had another headache today but her spirits are good and ,so far, her nose is not bleeding.

Today I am thankful for good friends who share a similar interest :< ), my parents and all they have done and do for me, and the unquestioning love of an animal.

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