Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Did It!!!!

I taught my first craft class tonight, Scrap and Stamp at the YMCA. I was SO nervous because paper crafting is a hobby not something I think I excel at. Lucky for me I only have three people in my class--girls ages 8 and 9.

We made journals....the sample I made for class is shown above. I let the girls pick out their own designer papers which I paired with solid cardstock. Once the "foundation" was on, I let them go wild with embellisments. It was so fun to watch each one's unique style and personality come out. At the end of the class, they told me "it was the best class ever!" :>) I will be teaching this class for the next five weeks for one hour on Tuesdays.

As I was driving home, the moon looked like the Cheshire Cat grin. You know the one where all you see is the grin but no face. I wish I would have had my camera.

Tomorrow is weigh in day for me and I know that I am going to do awful. All I have wanted to do since the weekend is eat and eat I have. So much for willpower....I have eaten a box of Raisenets, a box of Junior Caramels, a box of Junior Mints, banana cake with brown sugar glaze, half a large pizza, chili mac, cereal. If it wasn't moldy or rotten and I could eat it I did. So tomorrow I will be chastised by the scale.

I'm grateful tonight for the assistance that God gave me in teaching this class, for all the food that I have eaten (I could have been like so many and had nothing) and for my warm home.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

God is my Valentine

This week has been hard, I'm not going to lie. I keep thinking about Valentines Day and how it was one year ago on February 14th that Jeff was arrested. What a year it has been since that day. Ups and downs, twists and turns, feelings of failure and guilt.

I have never really cared for Valentine's Day. To me it's a gimicky holiday and if you love someone Hallmark and FTD shouldn't push you to say it or show it. Show me with a heart felt hug, a suprise cup of hot chocolate just because you know I'm cold, my favorite candy because you know it will make me smile not because you feel forced to show your love.

So last night I met with Lynn, Joy and Jen for our weight loss meeting. We were downstairs exercising and I blurted out "Sisters, I need your prayers this week because I am really feeling discouraged. Sunday will be one year since I was seperated from my husband". Now those that know me, know that my wants and needs are usually kept to my self. I am a healer, fixer, lover for other peoples wants and needs. Joy replied without missing a beat "come hang out with us after church Sunday morning...we will have lunch together". Just like that, I was enveloped in love. I opened my heart to these sweet sisters and God filled it. Later on that night after devotion we each took turns praying for each other. In her prayer for me, Joy said "Lord, let Jessica realize that you are her Valentine. That your love will never go away and you gave her the greatest Valentine by dying on the cross". My heavy heart was lifted as I realized He is my Valentine and He loves me ALL the time. He doesn't just show it one day a year but every day. He shows me in the flowers that bloom in the spring, in the birds that come to my feeder, in the hugs and prayers of my family and friends. What a wonderful gift!!!

The wonderful thing is that God is your Valentine too. Open your heart today and accept that love offering that He is giving to you.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Outside my window: At 9:45AM there are tiny little snowflakes dancing through the air. They don't look like they would be big enough to amount to much once they hit the ground but they dust the tops of the vehicles like powdered sugar. Our roads are still clear and we are still waiting for the six inches that has been predicted.
It is now 2PM. The dance is over and the sky is clear. There is a slight breeze which I now by the fluttering of the American flag I see in the parking lot across the street. The sun is trying to peek out but hasn't made an actual appearance. Again, I wonder "where is this six inches of snow?"

It is 10:12PM. It is snowing though not the "snowstorm" that they forecasted. The ground is now covered though the weather man just said that we would have three inches at the most. So much for our "six inches" and the chance to burrow in.

I am thankful for: the opportunity to rest this weekend. I took the weekend off from the YMCA because mom had tickets to see Hairspray at Shyrock on Sunday. The play was pushed back from 2PM to 4PM and Ms. Lynn and I had our Sunday School party Saturday night. I think I slept ALL weekend and I feel SO much better because of it.

I'm remembering: when we lived in the house on Olive Street. It was winter and there was this BLOCK of ice behind our house. Uncle David was over, pulling me around the yard on my sled. He would run and pull me over that block. I would remember how scary but fun it was.

I am going: to our Weight Loss Group meeting tomorrow night pending that the weather holds out. I can't wait to see these wonderful ladies.

From the kitchen:chili mac .....I made enough for left overs

It was a GREAT Super Bowl last night and it was SO much fun to watch it with Carson. Poor little buddy was so nervous that the Saints were going to lose, he kept pacing around the house. Super Bowl 44 won by the New Orleans Saints--first time to the Super Bowl. Tim made Carson's menu just as Carson had written it down.

It's now 10:25PM. The dishes are done, I finally have thank you cards made for Christmas and they will go out tomorrow, Shadow is sleeping in her cat tree. I am thankful for another day, a roof over my head and God's never failing grace.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Have To Write This Down

So it's 10:08AM on Thursday and I am supposed to be working. Supposed to be are the key words here. I keep thinking about Carson (Tim and Becky's son) and laughing. You see, Carson is very excited about the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. So excited in fact, that he has planned out a menu for the event. Now, keep in mind that there is no party at their house it's just Tim, Becky, Carson and Delaney and me if I should be back in town in time.

Carson's menu has kept me laughing because of it's detail. The top of the menu has the date, the time of the Super Bowl (not only when it starts but also when it ends) and of course the words Super BowlXLIV. Then comes the menu which is:

Cheese Dip and Chips

Medium Chicken Wings (notice that he made a point to specify Medium)


Kool-Aid (what Super Bowl party is complete without Kool-Aid)

Praire Farms Vanilla Ice Cream (not just any ice cream but PRARIE FARMS ice cream)

I just laugh every time I think about it and see his 2nd grade handwriting. I SO hope Becky keeps this for his scrapbook.

OK, I am going back to work now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hot Tea and Honey

So, once again, I am sick. I have been sick more this winter than I can remember being in a long time. Maybe it's stress, maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the mold in my apartment. Whatever the reason, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Sunday I woke up with a scratchy throat. I didn't feel bad just not much of a voice. Monday(yesterday) the voice was worse, I had a dry cough and my throat hurt. Today almost no voice, sore throat and the ocugh is starting to loosen up. So I am taking Mucinex and drinking hot tea and honey.
I saw my friends Gene and June this past Sunday. It was an off week for chemo and I am praying that whatever I have is not contagious. June is such an inspiration to me. She is diagnosed with cancer, told that her chances of survival are low and she has rebounded from every obstacle. She is facing chemo now, she starts her second treatment this week, and still she is staying strong. She will admit that it's not easy but she is facing it.
I was reminded of a great promise from God today. Lysa Terkurst had a guest on he blog. Her guest referred to this portion of a verse "as you measure out, so you will be measured". I am a nurturer by nature. I give and give because it fills this need in me and it makes me happy. However, I always reach a point where I feel empty and feel used. This verse reminded me that as much as I give, it will be given back. And it has.
There have been SO many blessings....always right on time and when I ready to give up. As I measure out, so I am measured. The giver's gain perspective is really true.
I was blessed again on Sunday. We had a chili cook off after Sunday morning service. There was SO much to choose from!!!! As I was getting ready to leave, a very sweet woman that I barely know tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I would like to take some of her chili home. I don't even really know her and she is offering me food. I willingly accepted and then my friend Cheryl also offered. So now I have a blessing of food in my freezer for those days/nights when I don't feel like cooking or have no money to buy food.
Blessings....every day they surround us if we only take the time to notice.
May you notice your blessing(s) and thank the One who gave them to you.