Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Have To Write This Down

So it's 10:08AM on Thursday and I am supposed to be working. Supposed to be are the key words here. I keep thinking about Carson (Tim and Becky's son) and laughing. You see, Carson is very excited about the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. So excited in fact, that he has planned out a menu for the event. Now, keep in mind that there is no party at their house it's just Tim, Becky, Carson and Delaney and me if I should be back in town in time.

Carson's menu has kept me laughing because of it's detail. The top of the menu has the date, the time of the Super Bowl (not only when it starts but also when it ends) and of course the words Super BowlXLIV. Then comes the menu which is:

Cheese Dip and Chips

Medium Chicken Wings (notice that he made a point to specify Medium)


Kool-Aid (what Super Bowl party is complete without Kool-Aid)

Praire Farms Vanilla Ice Cream (not just any ice cream but PRARIE FARMS ice cream)

I just laugh every time I think about it and see his 2nd grade handwriting. I SO hope Becky keeps this for his scrapbook.

OK, I am going back to work now.

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Wendy Blight said...

My 12 year old son would LOVE that menu! Actually, except for the koolaid, I would too...well I would choose Blue Bell Ice Cream being a Texas girl and all. Hope you get to partake of this fabulous meal.