Monday, April 13, 2009

A Very Blessed Easter

Happy Monday!!! I hope everyone had a blessed Easter holiday. I have no pictures to share but I did have a good day. I woke up to a quiet house as I had stayed at my house the night before. There were no Easter baskets or hidden eggs but the sun was shining and did I mention that I woke up to a quiet house after having slept in an actual bed??? First blessing of the day--LOL

I did miss the kids though as I knew they would be waking up full of excitement to see what the Easter Bunny had brought them. I have kinda grown used to their morning sounds of feet pattering across the floor, Dora on the TV, Carson waking me up to ask if he can play his Playstation. I will miss that when I finally have a place of my own.

Indy and I had our usual morning bowl of cereal, I read the paper and lazily got ready for Sunday School and Church. We had a great Easter Service and I really enjoyed the way Pastor ended it. We ended yesterday's service with communion. Pastor read the scripture about "this is my body...", the deacons passed out the "bread" and once everyone had been served Pastor reminded us what it meant to take the body of Christ. Pastor then read the scripture about "this is my blood..", they passed out the juice and once everyone had been served Pastor reminded us that by taking this we were taking forgiveness. Pastor then said that the Bible reminds us that they left with a hymn. So he asked that everyone join hands and we all sang Amazing Grace. It was so moving and I just felt so connected to God, the church and the people there.

After church, I went through Jack-In-The-Box for a salad. I came back to my house, changed clothes and curled on the couch to watch the finale of Life and eat. I had just finished eating when Katie called and asked if I wanted to join her, Campbell, Amanda and Sherry at Denny's for lunch. I met them and had dessert. Campbell has grown up so much and was just talking away through the meal. At one point, I told her she was a fairy princess and she replied "no, you are". I guess she knows me pretty well. After Denny's, I went back to my house and Indy and I curled up for a Sunday afternoon nap. That evening I went to Brian and Kathi's for Easter dinner, which was also really nice. After dinner I headed back to Tim and Becky's.

Like I said, it was a blessed day.