Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Outside my window: At 9:45AM there are tiny little snowflakes dancing through the air. They don't look like they would be big enough to amount to much once they hit the ground but they dust the tops of the vehicles like powdered sugar. Our roads are still clear and we are still waiting for the six inches that has been predicted.
It is now 2PM. The dance is over and the sky is clear. There is a slight breeze which I now by the fluttering of the American flag I see in the parking lot across the street. The sun is trying to peek out but hasn't made an actual appearance. Again, I wonder "where is this six inches of snow?"

It is 10:12PM. It is snowing though not the "snowstorm" that they forecasted. The ground is now covered though the weather man just said that we would have three inches at the most. So much for our "six inches" and the chance to burrow in.

I am thankful for: the opportunity to rest this weekend. I took the weekend off from the YMCA because mom had tickets to see Hairspray at Shyrock on Sunday. The play was pushed back from 2PM to 4PM and Ms. Lynn and I had our Sunday School party Saturday night. I think I slept ALL weekend and I feel SO much better because of it.

I'm remembering: when we lived in the house on Olive Street. It was winter and there was this BLOCK of ice behind our house. Uncle David was over, pulling me around the yard on my sled. He would run and pull me over that block. I would remember how scary but fun it was.

I am going: to our Weight Loss Group meeting tomorrow night pending that the weather holds out. I can't wait to see these wonderful ladies.

From the kitchen:chili mac .....I made enough for left overs

It was a GREAT Super Bowl last night and it was SO much fun to watch it with Carson. Poor little buddy was so nervous that the Saints were going to lose, he kept pacing around the house. Super Bowl 44 won by the New Orleans Saints--first time to the Super Bowl. Tim made Carson's menu just as Carson had written it down.

It's now 10:25PM. The dishes are done, I finally have thank you cards made for Christmas and they will go out tomorrow, Shadow is sleeping in her cat tree. I am thankful for another day, a roof over my head and God's never failing grace.


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