Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Did It!!!!

I taught my first craft class tonight, Scrap and Stamp at the YMCA. I was SO nervous because paper crafting is a hobby not something I think I excel at. Lucky for me I only have three people in my class--girls ages 8 and 9.

We made journals....the sample I made for class is shown above. I let the girls pick out their own designer papers which I paired with solid cardstock. Once the "foundation" was on, I let them go wild with embellisments. It was so fun to watch each one's unique style and personality come out. At the end of the class, they told me "it was the best class ever!" :>) I will be teaching this class for the next five weeks for one hour on Tuesdays.

As I was driving home, the moon looked like the Cheshire Cat grin. You know the one where all you see is the grin but no face. I wish I would have had my camera.

Tomorrow is weigh in day for me and I know that I am going to do awful. All I have wanted to do since the weekend is eat and eat I have. So much for willpower....I have eaten a box of Raisenets, a box of Junior Caramels, a box of Junior Mints, banana cake with brown sugar glaze, half a large pizza, chili mac, cereal. If it wasn't moldy or rotten and I could eat it I did. So tomorrow I will be chastised by the scale.

I'm grateful tonight for the assistance that God gave me in teaching this class, for all the food that I have eaten (I could have been like so many and had nothing) and for my warm home.


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