Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. Tracy and Jeff took Momma to Hillsboro for blood work, a doctor's appointment and a transfusion. I went into work late and took my dad out for breakfast.

It was so nice to have one on one time with my dad and breakfast is his favorite meal. We sat and talked about his friends, my friends, his work at the apartment complex and life in general. After breakfast, I dropped him off at my house and then I went to work. He spent the day with Ali (momma's dog) and Indy (my cat). When I got home from work, it was still just us. I grilled some brats, made some butter noodles and we had a nice quiet dinner.

Momma's platlets were at 2 yesterday but her white blood count is coming down and her hemoglobin is good. They gave her three bags of platelets this time instead of the normal two to see if she would be able to go a little longer between transfusions. The doctor prescribed her an anti-seizure medication for her headaches--the doctor said that it is the lowest dose of this drug but she wants Momma to take it and see if it will stop the headache. Her blood shot eye is nothing to be concerned about and she goes back at the end of August.

Jeff, Tracy and Momma got home around 9PM. I convinced Tracy to stay instead of driving back home and we all pretty much were in bed by 10:30PM.

I am thankful for my daddy and the bond that we share, I'm thankful for Tracy and her willingness to drive to our house and then to Hillsboro for momma's transfusions and appts. and I'm thankful for the quite moments that we are given every day. These moments sometimes are fleeting but they are precious because they allow us the time to reflect.

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