Sunday, August 10, 2008

If I Were A RIch Man.......

deedle deedle deedle do.....I would buy season tickets for the Muny every year!!!

My mom, my friend/sister Becky and I went to see Fiddler on the Roof at the Muny last night. We had gorgeous weather (it's an outdoor theater), great seats and the play was fantastic. I, of course, forgot my camera so I have no pics to show of us.

Jeff's mom was supposed to go but this is a transfusion weekend and to be honest, she just couldn't have made it if we had taken her. I started out the evening with a migraine (of course). Mom and I had a quick dinner at Subway, picked up Becky and then arrived at the Muny about an hour before show time.

Parking is such a bear in Forest Park where the theater is located that you have to arrive early. Becky hadn't been to the Muny since college so it was a great opportunity to just walk around and to listen to the Muny Kids sing before the gates open.

Gates opened and we went straight to the concession stands. Becky had watched a show on the Food Network about a St. Louis man who makes these ice cream cones that are dipped in chocoloate and rolled in nuts and then the whole ice cream cone is rolled in chocolate. The ice cream cone is only sold in St. Louis so we had to have one. She had that and I went on the mild side with a strawberry sorbet (it's made locally by the same man but no chocolate or nuts).

Off to our seats where we were met by a SWARM of bees. Apparently there was a soda accident in our row and the rows immeditately in front of and behind us, so they were drawn to the sticky goodness. As I am usually Ms. Prepared, I whipped out my baby wipes and cleaned off our seats. The bees were leaving us alone but were bothering everyone around us, so someone finally went for an usher. He came back with this can of "bee foam" and sprayed them all--at least most of them.

And then the real show started-----again, a beautiful night. The stars were out and there was a light breeze every now and then. The actors/actresses were great and the songs of course stick in your head for hours and days. I agreed with Becky that the ending was anti-climatic but then, what can you do????

So my words of wisdom today are:
1. Always come prepared for the POSSIBLE situations
2. Take time to enjoy time with those you love
3. Listen to your heart

Mazel tov


Alteredego said...

Oh, you are so lucky to have gone and seen Fiddler on the Roof. I heard I had just missed you on Friday night at the Cafe. I am resigning up for the Pinecone Press are you going to be there this month? I hope things are going well. Talk soon.

lori said...

sounds like a wonderful evening. glad you got to have some 'girl time' for yourself. see you at the cafe...