Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to School Cards

Can you believe it's time for the kids to go back to school??? I know that here they are going back earlier than usual. My two children (well not really mine but I still LOVE them) start Tuesday and Wednesday.

Carson starts first grade ----I could just cry and I'm not even his birth mother.

So here is the card that I made I for him.....

I was happy with it until I added the rub on "Back to School" at the top. I should have applied it to a white piece of card stock and then affixed it to the card. I LOVE the Tigger though. I was trying to find a stamp to fit the theme and was coming up blank. I stumbled across this Tigger and he just looked like he was marching off to school. So I gave him a little love, cut him out, used a black jelly roll pin on his stripes and then colored in the rest with a blender pen and SU Groovy Guava ink. Carson's mom would be so proud of my pen skills :>)

Delaney starts Preschool....not as major but still very important.

Delaney is our animal lover, so this is her card.....

I am MUCH happier with this card...I should be since it took my two days. The background is stamped with polka dots, I included Delaney's two favorite "friends" butterfly's and ladybugs, and , of course, the stamps of the two girls. The inside says " Have fun in preschool and make lots of friends". I know she will.

Love your children because they grow up so quickly.....

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lori said...

what lucky children to have 2 'moms'. one by birth and you by choice. what a wonderful connection for you, becky, carson and delaney. God truly does bless each of us in special ways.

the cards are adorable and i know that carson and delaney will feel very special and loved.

have a great day!!