Friday, October 16, 2009


I am "borrowing" this idea from Ali Edwards blog

Outside My Window: Right now all is black except for the glow of the street light. Earlier today outside my office window I saw the reds and oranges on the leaves of the trees.

I Am Thinking: About the CPR Training I need to finish before work tomorrow, the Halloween Event at the YMCA tomorrow night, the bills that are due and the lack of money to pay them, the fact that 10 years ago today I was at my wedding reception.

I Am Thankful For: The fact that I have two jobs to help pay my bills, that my husband and I are on the path to a better relationship now that we are seperated, that he is willing to help me financially if I only ask (ahhh there's the hard part), that I have a friend who calls because she knows that today will be hard.

From The Kitchen: A Bake Fresh Pizza from Wal-Mart, flavored water and animal crackers

I Am Wearing: My red YMCA staff shirt, a long sleeve white T-shirt and jeans

I Am Creating: Nothing at this point but will be working on Halloween cards

I Am Going: To bed eventually

I Am Reading: Nothing at this moment. I just finished DeathSwatch by Laura Childs which is a scrapbooking mystery. I am waiting for the next one to come in at the library

I Am Hoping: To start my Halloween projects next week, that my costume for tomorrow night fits and to be debt free quickly

I Am Hearing: Random traffic on the street outside

Around The House: The news is on, my pizza is done, dishes are waiting to be washed and the breakfast bar needs to be cleaned off

One Of My Favorite Things: The sound of children's laughter, the head butt of a kitty cat, the sound of rain (OK that was more than one)

A Few Plans For Next Week: Church on Sunday morning, work at the YMCA Sunday afternoon/evening, an estimate on replacing a door in my apartment

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