Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!

Happy Halloween!!! I LOVE this day---it's so much fun for me to get dressed up in costume and hand out candy to all the kids. Of course, around here the kids trick or treat the night before due to the Halloween Parade the town has on Halloween night.

So yesterday, we closed the office at 4:30. I rushed in the door anxious to get ready since trick or treat hours are from 5 to 9. I had no preset costume as money was tight this year. So I went down to my box of costumes from years past and dug out my witch outfit. This is a long black velvet dress with bell sleeves and a hood--very Goth looking. Needless to say it's been a few years since I last wore it so I had to really suck in for it to fit (if you know what I mean). I put on a long dark purple wig and put the hood up--I couldn't find my witch hat. I added some white makeup around my eyes to give them a deep set look and I was ready. Jeff moved the truck out of the driveway so the kids would have a clear path to the door. We put out the jack-o-latern and I settled in on the front porch.

Usually I make individual treat bags for the kids but I did not have any bags this year so I just went with the traditional bowl of candy. I also had a basket of Teddy Grahams for the bitties that usually come by as well (you know, little bitty kids). So I sat on the porch from 5PM to 6PM reading a magazine and no kids. Not one! I felt like a kid on Christmas waiting for Santa---where were they????

Jeff went up to Hardee's to grab some dinner for us and I went in the house. At 6:30, my first little guy showed up. He was a pirate and he said "Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Give Me Something Good to Eat". So cute!! Yeah, the kids were out. But no, there was no else out walking around. Jeff came back with dinner and we sat down to eat. He said that he had seen several groups of kids walking around the neighborhood and was suprized that we had only had the one brave soul. I was so depressed---I have good candy and I'm dressed up!!! Come to my house!!!

Since we are at the back of the cul-de-sac and were the only ones in the cul-de-sac with our porch light on, Jeff had the idea that maybe we should sit out in our driveway so people could see us. So at 7PM, we moved our chairs off the porch and into the driveway. It worked!!! The kids came and oh, they were cute!!! I ended up with about 50 kids last night plus one dog.

I had Tinker Bell, a mummy, a football player, a cowboy and policeman (they were SO cute), two bitties dressed as owls (they were in their stoller), a magician, a clown, a vampire, a Power Ranger, a Jedi Knight, and several that I wasn't sure but they were still cute. They were all SO polite and within the hour it was all done. The neighborhood once again became quite, the porch lights went out and we went back inside.

Today, I am wearing a black shirt that reads "Happy Halloween" across the front in orange and white letters. Yes I am like the little old ladies that wear something for every holdiay but I DO NOT have a Christmas sweater :>) Halloween is so much fun to me because it's full of magic and make believe---which without our imaginations what fun would life be????

I hope you have as wonderful a day as I am having!!!!
Happy Halloween!!!

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