Thursday, October 9, 2008

Family Visit

Last Tuesday, Peggy, Jaime and Jackson came for a vist. Peggy had to deliver one of the puppies to it's new owner who lives on base at Scott, so our house was an easy meeting place.
This is Annie--the puppy that was being delivered. Isn't she sweet?

She was so good while she was at our house. Ali and Indy weren't too thrilled to have another animal invade their territory but we humans didn't mind a bit. If you love Annie as much as we do, Peggy has one male puppy left from the litter. You can go to for more information. The puppies are pure bred Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizslas and make great hunting dogs if you are into the sort of thing.

Tuesday night was spent at my house just hanging out. Jaime had ordered pizza, the White Sox were still playing ball at that point and we spent the time catching up. Jackson is absolutely adorable---look at this face and tell me that you just can't help but smile....

Jaime is such a good mom--she loves him but doesn't coddle him. He's just a good baby (even though Jaime says he doesn't sleep through the night). We didn't really hear him cry once the whole time they were here.

Wednesday, Annie's new owner's picked her up and then everyone went over to Randy and Loretta's to meet Sofie's bus. They hung out with Sofie for the afternoon until Randy, Loretta and I got off work and joined them. Once again we had pizza, watched the Cubs this time and chatted. Poor Loretta was having computer problems at work and didn't get home until 8:30 or so. Even then she was still stuck trying to get her laptop to work which she later found out wouldn't have happened no matter what they tried. It was a bad computer and had to be replaced. I took Momma home around 9:30 and everyone else stayed at the loft until around midnight.

It was such a great visit and we can't wait to see them again.

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