Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happiest Day of the Year????

So, I was reading in the paper last week that this past Friday was supposedly the happiest day of the year. I can't remember the reason why but like the author of the column, I think that just depends upon who you are and the situation. Plus, why can there only be one happy day? My birthday was a happy day, today was a happy day---I think there are numerous happy days.

ANYWAY, last Tuesday and Wednesday Jeff and I decided to tackle what used to be a flower bed and has now become the WEED GARDEN. Our dream is to someday turn the whole space into a patio area but until money grows on trees (that we own) it is a weed garden with flowers. After two days, six bags of mulch and three new paver stones we managed to at least turn a portion of back into a flower bed......

There are only four more areas to go before the entire thing is complete--so maybe four weeks???

I had the BEST day today. I met a girlfriend for lunch at Lotta Watta Creek--YUM and then we went to Borders where we just browsed and chatted over coffee. I could just feel the stress drain out of my body. Sometimes we not only need time for us but girlfriend time as well.

I read somewhere ( I know I do a lot of that but I'm home a lot with my mother-in-law) that we should meditate everyday on our blessings and list three things that we are grateful for that day. So today I am grateful for:

Good friends, the fact that I have a little extra money to enjoy a great meal out, and my cat Indy (she always makes me smile).

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