Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yes Mom I've Updated My Blog

Hard to believe, I know.....however I am home tonight and I am not past the point of exhaustion. I feel like I actually accomplished a few things tonight. One load of laundry was washed, dried and put away. The dishes were all washed. I vacuumed the living/dining room floor. I made a VERY simple birthday card for Colin....only a week late. And I made a batch of gluten free pumpkin muffins.

I had pumpkin left over in the fridge from when I made a pie at Christmas. It had not yet molded so I thought I had better use it up fast. I used raw sugar instead of regular cane sugar. As the muffins cooled on the rack, Shadow decided to knock one on the floor. I, stupidly, had put them on "her " counter under the pass through. I used the five second rule and tasted it and they just don't taste the same or as good as my earlier batches. I'm not sure if its the change in sugar or maybe the pumpkin wasn't as good as I thought it was :>( Oh well, I will still eat them because it's something sweet to eat that won't cause my lips to swell up like I am from, well I'm not going to go there.

Tomorrow is a long day, so posting is not probable. I work from 9 to 9 tomorrow. The forecast is for snow showers and I am praying they hold off until I am home. If I wake up to 6 inches that's fine, I just don't want to drive home in 6 inches.

Today is day 18 of reading in my Chronological Bible. Jacob is dying and Jospeh takes his two sons to Jacob to be blessed. I have realized for the first time that Jacob as the younger son stole his brother's blessing. Jacob then blessed the younger before the older with Joseph's sons. This reminds me of the passage in the New Testatement which reads "that the last shall be first and the first shall be last".
I also read that Jacob describes Simeon and Levi as violent and angry. But weren't the Levite's priests?
I find it sad that Jacob was not buried with Rachel yet at the same time comforted that he was taken home. Isn't that what we all want when that time comes, to go home? This is true both in a factual and spiritual manner. I also find it comforting to know that God always has a plan. Because Jacob was in Egypt, his body was able to be embalmed and taken back to the place of his people.
Reading this story of Joseph again has reminded me that even though we may not understand why when we go through hardships, trials, troubles, pain and hurt God always has a reason and uses that low for something positive.
Today I am thankful for that I am employed, that I have remained flu free so far, that I have food in my pantry, a roof over my head and heat to keep me warm.

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