Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday Mayhem on a Tuesday

Happy Tuesday or to be all same start letters like on the Letter People Terrific Tuesday to ya!!!!

Did you ever watch the Letter People??? Now that I look back on it, I guess they weren't really that fantastic but I still remember C is for Cotton Candy. OK enough of my rambling. It's 5:11PM, I am at work with about one hour left but thought I would wind down my day with a little blogging.

Outside My Window: It's starting to get dark, the street lights are coming on but it's been a very gray day. There has been drizzle in the air, thus it's damp and the temperature has dropped since this morning.

I am thinking: about food....it's what I always think about. What I can eat, what I can bake, how something would taste if I just had it on a plate in front of me. Yesterday I wanted French Toast swimming in maple syrup, today it's brownies with hot fudge and whipped cream...maybe a brownie sundae from Dairy Queen. Haven't had one of those in EONS.

I am thankful for: Food (ha ha, I had to type that in there) Seriously I am thankful for a warm place to lay my head, family and friends that love me, two jobs that help keep me a float. I have been thinking about all of those people in Haiti who were already SO destitute and how things must be for them now after the earthquake.

I am going: to Ms. Lynn's tonight after work. Some ladies from the church are getting together to start a weight loss support team. Isn't that even funnier considering my earlier comment about what I'm thinking about???

I am currently reading: I am picking up "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers at the library tonight. I just finished an AWESOME book called "Talking to the Dead" by Bonnie Grove. The title sounds weird but it was recommended off the "She Reads" website. It's about a nonchristian woman whose husband unexpectantly dies but she can still hear him talking to her. It was a fast read (I read it in two days) but very good. I also just finished "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown. I have to say of the three "DaVinci Code" books I think this one was my favorite. I took from it that there is "mystery" everywhere and in every group but for the most part if we just take the time to really look around us the mystery is really not so much of a mystery anymore.

From the kitchen: Last week I made banana bread which really needed walnuts but I didn't have any. I also made rice krispy treats for snack at Sunday School. Last night I had fiesta lime chicken from Schwans but as far as actually cooking a meal...why do that when it's just me???

Around the house: Finally put away the few things I had out for Christmas and took down my Thanksgiving wreath. The gift bag holder has been put back away. I hung my mail basket on the wall above the shredder. Shadow loves to play in the shredder bin---every night when I come home there is shredded paper everywhere!!!

On my mind: Money as usual, wondering how everything is going to get paid and trying to remember that God always provides.

Tomorrow night I have a haircut appointment after work. Thursday and Friday night I work at the YMCA. Saturday morning I have a baby shower and then I work at the YMCA. Sunday morning is Sunday School and a birthday party for one of our SS boys and then work again at the YMCA. So not much time left for play this week.

I'm going to wrap this up so I can wrap up things here at the office.


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