Friday, April 25, 2008

What Happened To My Zen?

So, it was 11:23PM and I would normally be curled up in my nest fast asleep. Not so last night--last night I was sitting next to the sump pump well with a wooden mallet trying to get the switch on the pump unstuck.

My day at work had been hectic, my personal life had flooded into my 9-6 and I was trying to balance my clients and scheduling my mother-in-law's platlet transfusion. My saving grace during the afternoon was the thought that at 7PM I would be getting a manicure and pedicure. Six o' clock came and I headed home for my much needed zen.

My friend Rachel was already at my house giving my mother-in-law a manicure. I did the usual routine of changing clothes, taking out the dog, etc and then it was my turn to be pampered. I soaked it all in and was thinking that once my zen treatment was over, I would head down to my scrap room and try to finish up some projects.

About 9PM, I headed downstairs and heard the sump running. And running and running and running . I knew this sound and knew it was bad because we had been through this before. The switch on the pump gets stuck and it will run until it burns itself up. So I called my husband for direction. After trying to bang on the casing to release the switch and trying to jimmy the handle, he said I needed to go buy a new pump. Good in theory except Sears, Lowes and Home Depot close at 9PM----I really believe that one of them should be like Walgreens and stay open 24 hours for emergencies. So it was back downstairs where I would let the well fill up, I would plug in the pump and let it drain and then unplug it and start all over again. So much for my zen.

Being one to always try and find a positive--I was able to finally clean and organize my scrap room. My husband had just put up two more shelves for me, so I organized my area into a card making station, a scrapbooking station and a gift station. I felt like I could conquer any project once I was done:>)

I woke up this morning to happy toes and fingers. I love looking down at freshly pedicured toes and Rachel always does some type of nail art for me. This time it was simple flowers but it makes me smile every time I look at down at my feet.

So what makes you happy or provides your zen?

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