Monday, September 21, 2009

Little Things Big Results

It's amazing how little things can make such a big change. In this particular instance, I am talking about a floor lamp. And to make it even better, the floor lamp was only $8. Little thing, little money, big difference.

Two weeks ago I put my child, my baby, my cat to sleep due to pancreatitis/liver failure. She was my familiar in a new space....a space that I was still struggling to make my own. Once I no longer had her, the space felt empty and I hated being here. I lost my ambition for unpacking, adding finishing touches, etc. I haven't slept because she was my bed partner. So I'm tired and being tired I end up being sad and being sad I just want to sleep. But I can't because I miss her. It's a vicious cycle.

So after work tonight, I went to Target for a floor lamp. The weekly flyer showed a simple black version for $8. I bought it, brought it home and placed it between the TV cabinet and pantry. I turned it on and it added such a warm glow in what otherwise has felt like a dark, sad room. It has brought me a smile tonight and has restarted the thoughts of what I want to do to make this feel like my home.

A little thing that has brought a much needed smile to my lonely heart.

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