Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From the mouth of babes...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

My morning started out with a good laugh. When I came upstairs this morning, Delaney was sitting at the table coloring. She was working on one of those "design a mug" projects where they provide you with a drawing that you color and then slip between the clear outside and the mug itself. Anyway, Delaney says to me that she had been up ALL night working on her mug. This made me laugh because I knew that she hadn't been up all night. A moment passed and she said "I think I'm nocturnal because I'm up all night and when day comes I sleep". Now, what other five year old knows what the word nocturnal means? I couldn't help but laugh.

Here is a St. Patrick's Day card that I mailed out to a few people:

and the inside

I just love this saying!!!! If you were one of the recipients of this card, I hope you enjoyed it. For those card making folks out there, the base of the card is made with Stampin Up Very Vanilla, the mat and DP are items that I pulled out of a clearance bin and the stamps are from Hambo Stamps.

Speaking of stamps---I was a winner during Hannah Stamps blog hop give-away!!! If you haven't checked out Hannah Stamps you can find them here
I don't know what I've actually won as the owner is sending out suprize bags. But hey, a prize is a prize!!!!

The weather here today is almost 80 degrees---LOVE IT!! I told Tim that I wanted to move my desk outside. Nothing much else new today. I have my second counseling session tonight, which I'm still not 100% sure about. I know it's helpful and I need to be there but I just cringe at paying the money, especially now.

Happy Trails!

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Monica Hunter said...

Fun card! I hope the recipients got a good chuckle! :)